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Utsavam - The Kerala Arts Festival (19 Dec 2010 - 27 Feb 2011)

It is a stage that gets bigger by presence…

It is an event that gets noticed due to its variety and it is a cultural feast that is Kerala's very Own – Utsavam 2010-2011!
In 14 Districts

2010 Dec 19 - 2011 Feb 27

About 364 Programmes... More than 79 art forms... Around 1000 artistes

Be a part of this lavish cultural feast, spread all over Kerala!

On a broad stage called Kerala Theatre, the traditional folk, tribal and classical art forms are many and mesmerizing. It is a delightful experience to witness these art forms in its authentic style, presented by seasoned artistes, who bring out their best, consistently. Over the years, it has become a challenge for these artistes, to sustain their sole livelihood. Besides this, some of the ancient and traditional art forms of Kerala are fast slipping into clutches of extinction.
It was these circumstances that prompted Kerala Tourism to go for a creative interaction, leading to a cultural awakening to sustain and popularize the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Kerala. We found the answer through UTSAVAM, a veritable cultural feast aimed to contribute enough opportunities for the endangered and the lesser-known art forms and artistes of Kerala.
Cultural Kerala
More than its monumental structures, palaces and museums, visitors to Kerala are amused at the State's cultural treasure trove that is rich in artistic marvels, myriad traditions and age-old rituals that are good enough reasons for them to explore and experience the unique cultural milieu of 'God's Own Country – Kerala.'

Utsavam 2010-2011 is one such occasion, where you could invariably witness and experience the spirit and richness of Kerala's fascinating cultural heritage.
The third edition of Utsavam would kick off on 19 December, 2010 and would conclude on 27 February, 2011. The event ensures the active participation of the local bodies, NGO's, Tourism clubs, youth clubs and the local community in its various stages right from the beginning of the selection of art forms and venues. Utsavam 2010-2011 has a plethora of programmes, conceived and staged in a manner that would eventually become a memorable experience for the audience. There will be lecture demonstrations and interpretations with the help of flyers. The senior most artistes in various fields will be honoured during the programmes. The event will be the first of its kind in the State with the active support of the Government and the local community.

Utsavam 2010-2011 is being organized in 14 districts of Kerala. From the list of districts given below, you can find the programme schedule for each of the fourteen districts.
Program Schedule












Utsavam 2010-2011 has a repertoire of Folk, Ritual, Tribal as well as Classical art forms of Kerala. These art forms are unique in their performance and sophistication. At Utsavam 2009-2010 you would be treated to a grand spectacle of art forms, staged at venues spread across Kerala. Seasoned artistes and their performances are bound to produce their best, which would in turn provide opportunities to understand the origin, background and etiquettes of each art form.
Be it the simple and down to earth tribal art forms; the vivacious folk arts; the age-old ritual arts or the sophisticated classical art forms…Utsavam 2009-2010 is without doubt the grand theatre for Kerala art forms.
1 Arjuna Nrutham
2 Alamikkali
3 Arambanamuttu
4 Ayyappan Theeyattu
5 Balikkala
6 Chakyarkoothu
7 Charadupinnikkali
8 Chattupattu
9 Chavittukali
10 Chavittunadakam
11 Chonankali
12 Daffumuttu
13 Dharikavadham
14 Gaddika
15 Irulanrutham
16 Kakkarissinadakam
17 Kalamezhuthu
18 Kalidarikan
19 Kambalanrutham
20 Kanyarkali
21 Kathakali
22 Kenthron Pattu
23 Kethrattam
24 Kolattakkali
25 Kolkali
26 Koodiyattam
27 Kooliyattam
28 Koottukottipadiseva
29 Kummattikkali
30 Kurathiyattam
31 Kurumbanrutham
32 Kuthirakali
33 Kuthiyottam
34 Malappulayattam
35 Malyankettu
36 Mangalam Kali
37 Mappilappattu
38 Marathukali
39 Mayooranrutham
40 Mohiniyattam
41 Monthayum Thalavum
42 Mudiyattam
43 Mudiyettu
44 Muduganrutham
45 MulamChenda
46 Nadan Nrutham
47 Nadan Pattu
48 Nangyarkoothu
49 Ottanthullal
50 Padayani
51 Pakkanarattam
52 Panapporattu
53 Paniyartheyam
54 Parichamuttukali
55 Poorakkali
56 Poothanum Thirayum
57 Pulluvanpattu
58 Sangakkali
59 Sasthampattu
60 Shlamakkarol
61 Sopanasangeetham
62 Thacholikkali
63 Thangalum Padayum
64 Theyyam
65 Thidambunrutham
66 Thirayattam
67 Thiriyuzhichil
68 Thiruvathira
69 Tholpavakoothu
70 Thottampattu
71 Thudippattu
72 Thumbithullal
73 Vattakkali
74 Vattayum Thirippu Sambradayam
75 Velakali
76 Vellattu
77 Vilpattu
78 Yakshaganabommayattam
79 Yakshaganam


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